The history of Zamberlan is strictly connected to the mountain climbing world thanks to successful climbers from the recent past such as Nereo Ongaro and Marco Vignola (Italy), Kazuya Hiraide (Japan), Leopoldo Faria (Portugal) and many other young international athletes like Matt Moniz (USA), Dusan Janak (Rep. Ceca), Karl Bushby (UK) and many more. Today, Zamberlan is synonymous with technical innovation and sporting spirit, a brand that communicates emotion and passion for mountains without geographical boundaries through its sponsorships and its high quality products. OCTOBER 2011, CHILE ‚ÄúCORDADA PERSEVERANTES‚ÄĚ, MAXILIANO VILLAR AND CARLOS BRAVO, ON THEIR JOURNEY TO THE MOUNTAIN TOP TOGETHER WITH ZAMBERLAN ‚ÄúCordada Perseverantes‚ÄĚ is made up of two talented mountain climbers, Maximiliano Villar and Carlos Bravo. Last year these determined athletes together reached the ‚ÄúCordillera Blanca‚ÄĚ (Peru) and the ‚ÄúCordillera Real‚ÄĚ (Bolivia), but they continue to amaze us with their successes and conquests. With them, Zamberlan has sealed a solid relationship based on sharing the typical values of this sport, where group spirit and passion, but also footwear of a high standard, represent the fundamental components for a successful expedition. More information on: ZAMBERLAN BOOTS SUPPORT THE SUCCESS OF RODRIGO FICA The perfect mix of energy, passion and know how has taken Zamberlan to Patagonia together with the Chilean talent Rodrigo Fica, one of the first Chilean climbers to face the longitudinal crossing of the South Ice Camp (Chilean Patagonia) and to reach 8000 meters alone. The quality of the Zamberlan shoes, fundamental for this type of expedition, will support him in all of the future expeditions he is now planning in Spain. Mountain climbing is one discipline where determination and competition with oneself are values Rodrigo Fica shares with the Zamberlan philosophy.More info on:

Chile_RodrigoChile_Rodrigo Fica_ Maximiliano Villar and Carlos Bravo

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